Cirrus Aircraft has secured European validation for its SF50 Vision Jet, and is showcasing the first locally owned example of the single-engined personal jet on the static.

The aircraft marks the EBACE debut of the Vision Jet. It was handed over in early May – the first of up to seven examples destined for the European market in 2017, Cirrus says

EASA approval of the Vision Jet comes seven months after the Williams International FJ33-5A-powered type secured US type certification following a 10-year development effort. The Duluth, Minnesota-based airframer is the first to secure validation for a Part 23 single-engined jet. Other programmes, such as the Stratos 714 and VisionAire Vantage, are in the very early stages of development and are seeking funding to complete certification.

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“This is an exciting day for Cirrus and for our customers throughout Europe,” says Pat Waddick, president of innovation and operations. The CAIGA-owned company says the European market currently accounts for about 15% of its 600-strong Vision Jet orderbook, and expects that tally to increase as acceptance of the clean-sheet, aircraft gathers pace across the region.

Cirrus is seeking to take advantage of recent rule change in Europe allowing single-engined turbine aircraft to carry out commercial operations at night and in instrument meteorological conditions. “This will open the door to new growth opportunities across Europe,” its says.

Six Vision Jets have been delivered since the aircraft entered service late last year. Cirrus secured US production certification for its Duluth manufacturing facility in early May and plans to ship up to 50 units in 2017 and between 75 and 125 units in 2018.

The $2 million Vision Jet is equipped with a Garmin G3000-based Cirrus Perspective Touch flightdeck and an emergency parachute system. It has a maximum take-off weight of 2,730kg (6,000lb), a range of about 1,000nm (1,850km), and a stall speed of 67kt.

Source: Flight International