Daher has returned to NBAA, and is using the event to push sales of its TBM 910 and 930 single-engined turboprop family within the US charter community.

Out of a global fleet of around 900 TBM-series aircraft, only 17 examples are operating in a commercial role today across 10 companies. The bulk are located in the USA.

Since the first iteration of the high-speed business jet – the TBM 700 – entered service, around 30 have served in a commercial role.

Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice-president of Daher’s airplane business unit, believes there is resistance to the aircraft due in part to its single engine.

“We need to educate the market to the benefits and outstanding safety record of single-engined turboprops,” he says.

The TBM has a maximum cruise speed of 330kt (610km/h), a range of 1,730nm (3,200km) with five passengers, and can land on runways of 700m (2,300ft) in length. Direct operating costs are $2.48 per nautical mile.

“Once operators try the aircraft, they are impressed by its comfort, speed, performance, versatility and low-operating costs,” he adds,

Commercial operators account for around 3% of TBM shipments annually, Chabbert notes. This consisted of 57 units in 2017. “We would like to see that increase to 10%,” he adds.

Daher is now enhancing its My TBM mobile app to provide owners and operators with a one-stop shop for all the flight and travel needs.

“We want to offer the ultimate virtual assistant that will give customers access to all types services from downloading weather maps and flight plans to booking a taxi,” says Chabbert.

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Source: Flight Daily News