Good Week

Good Week 
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LHR'S NEIGHBOURS Many a resident of West London and its environs are anxiously awaiting their chance to vote Conservative in the next UK general election after the opposition party said it would axe plans for a third Heathrow runway and opt instead for more high-speed rail links. British Airways chief Willie Walsh, who already had to diss a proposal by Conservative London mayor Boris Johnson for a new airport offshore, says the proposal "beggars belief".



Bad Week

Bad week 
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KEITH PACKER The British Airways executive has become the first foreign national - and third individual - charged as part of the US Department of Justice's ongoing investigation into price-fixing of international air cargo shipments. Packer, a British citizen who previously worked as British Airways World Cargo's commercial general manager, has agreed to serve eight months in jail, pay a $20,000 criminal fine and co-operate with the anti-trust probe.

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