Good week

Delta Airlines cabin crew
 © Delta
DELTA CABIN CREW The airline is to recall furloughed flight attendants and recruit new ones with foreign language skills to accommodate passengers for its growing international markets, for training from January. Delta chief executive Richard Anderson says: "We don't know how many we'll need," but notes that the last time Delta added flight attendants, there were 100,000 applicants for 1,000 jobs. "We know these positions are sought after."


Bad week

Sama 737
 © Boeing
SAMA The privately held Saudi Arabian Boeing 737-300 operator suspended all flight operations after heavily criticising a regulatory regime that had it operating loss-making public-obligation routes as part of its operating mandate while covering mounting costs itself. Sama chief Bruce Ashby "remains hopeful" the suspension will be temporary, but says: "We have spent many months seeking alternatives and now this is the only option remaining to us."



Source: Flight International