CAE has received Level D qualification for its first Sim XXI full-flight simulator, a Gulfstream IV-SP device installed in the Emirates-CAE flight training centre in Dubai. Launched last year, Sim XXI is CAE's next generation of flight simulator, with a modular design based on PC technology to simplify assembly and integration and reduce life-cycle cost.

A second Sim XXI machine, for the Gulfstream V business jet, is also being installed in the Dubai centre, along with PC-based classroom training devices from the Canadian company's SimFinity line. The SimFinity range, which includes desktop devices and integrated procedures trainers (IPT), runs the same software as CAE's full-flight simulators.

CAE has also received Level D certification of a convertible Raytheon Hawker 800/800XP simulator installed in the Dubai centre, which also provides training on the Boeing Business Jet using a 737 Next Generation simulator, SimFinity classroom trainer and convertible Airbus A320/737 IPT.

Source: Flight International