Beginning in 2011, Cessna will begin delivering Citation X business jets with Honeywell Primus Elite avionics systems and a new Honeywell cabin management system featuring MP3 player inputs and high definition monitors.

The upgrade will also be available as a cockpit retrofit option for around 300 in-service Citation X jets through Citation service centres.

Primus Elite converts the existing 7 x 8in (180 x 200mm) cathode ray tube displays of the Honeywell Primus 2000 autopilot/flight director system to more reliable and capable liquid crystal displays that have increased internal computing power to give operators to access functionality only available in newer aircraft.

In addition to XM graphical weather in the USA and southern Canada, Primus Elite can display Jeppesen electronic charts and maps with aircraft position displayed worldwide and video displays through a cursor-driven, on-screen interface. Future upgrade plans include Honeywell's SmartView synthetic vision system.

Standard equipment improvements to the cabin management system will include touchscreen control panels, MP3 player inputs, an improved stereo sound system optimised for the Citation X cabin, updated Airshow display imagery and dual Blu-ray players with a high definition display monitor mounted in the forward closet.

Cessna expects the price for the cockpit retrofit package to be about $585,000, but has not yet listed a price for the 2011 Citation X with both upgrades.

Embraer last year selected Primus Elite as the new cockpit for its Legacy 650 business jet as well as a retrofit option for the Legacy 600. Bombardier in May also began offering Primus Elite as an option for its Global 5000 business jets.

Source: Flight International