CFM International has clarified details of its Tech 56 technology insertion plan for the CFM56, saying the upgrade for the Airbus and Boeing narrowbody engines will be based on redesigns of existing components using Tech 56 advances, rather than through wholesale replacement of modules.

The upgrade, due to be launched by the end of this year, will be introduced into the CFM56-5B and -7B engines in early 2007. The package of changes, which includes improvements to the high-pressure (HP) compressor, the combustor and HP and low- pressure (LP) turbines, will also be available as a retrofit (Flight International, 20-27 July).

"The compressor will have the same number of stages and blades as in the current engines, but will be aerodynamically modified using the analysis and design methods developed as part of Tech 56," says CFM president Pierre Fabre. During the test effort CFMI proved its new design techniques on an advanced six-stage compressor with a reduced parts count. These techniques will be used to upgrade the current nine-stage compressor, says Fabre.

The same principle is also used for the combustor, LP and HP turbine improvements, says Fabre.



Source: Flight International