Safire S-26

Safire Aircraft of West Palm Beach, Florida, is developing a six-seat "personal" jet, powered by Williams FJX-2 turbofans. The $800,000 all-composite aircraft will offer a maximum range of 2,600km (1,400nm) and a maximum take-off weight of 2,050kg (4,500lb). First flight of the production aircraft is planned for 2001, followed by certification and first deliveries two years later.

Farnborough F-1

Richard Noble, of Thrust SST fame, is developing an all-composite, single-engined turboprop, dubbed the Farnborough F-1. The $1.9 million aircraft will be powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A offering a maximum speed of 300kt (550km/h). A team of sponsors has been signed up and, based on Noble's experience with supersonic land speed attempts, the UK company is conducting business entirely over the Internet. Prototypes will be completed in 2001, with the first flight planned for 2002.

Maverick Twinjet 1500

Maverick Air is building a certified variant of its five-seat TwinJet 1500 kit plane. The Penrose, California-based manufacturer plans to fit re-certificated, derated General Electric T58 or Rolls-Royce Gnome engines to the $1.7 million aircraft until the Williams FJX-2 powerplant becomes available. The aircraft, which has a projected cruise speed of 330kt at 4,575m (15,000ft), is slated for certification in late 2002.

Lake NauticAir 450


Florida, US-based Lake Aerospace, formed last year through the merger of amphibious aircraft companies Lake Aircraft and Archedyne Aerospace, is developing the NauticAir 450 amphibious business jet. The first proof-of-concept aircraft will be built later this year, while certification and first deliveries of the eight-seat Williams FJ33-powered aircraft are due in around 2004.

Source: Flight International