A global industry group creating standards for data-sharing networks has defined a plan to overcome a major export control problem. The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC), which includes 72 companies, was formed last year to integrate open standards for emerging military datalinks into an interoperable framework.

But US export control authorities earlier this year stepped in to block the unlicensed transfer of data on networking standards to foreign companies, jeopardising the consortium’s goal of creating interoperable networks among US allies (Flight International, 22-28 February).

Granting export licences is never a simple procedure, but the NCOIC’s request is complicated by the nature of group’s approach. In creating the common networking framework, international consortium members will generate export-protected information as part of their discussions.

Ginger Carney, the NCOIC’s new vice-president for export compliance, says this requires a new way of approving export licences for sensitive data. Carney says the group plans to submit a licence application under a little-used procedure used to request transfers of unclassified defence-related services.


Source: Flight International