Selex Galileo has conducted the first test flights with its Seaspray 5000E surveillance radar, and is offering the system for use with light helicopters, fixed-wing manned aircraft and tactical unmanned air vehicles.

The newest addition to the Seaspray family of radars, the 5000E weighs less than 45kg (99lb), but offers a maximum detection range of over 185km (100nm), says Selex.

The design uses a lightweight active electronically scanned array derived from the company's PicoSAR system, plus the same common processor as is used in larger Seaspray models. It can deliver synthetic aperture radar and inverse SAR images, plus air-to-air and ground moving target indication data.

Selex first flew the 5000E on a Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel helicopter around early August, and conducted a further test in early September. "We are continuing to develop the radar modes," says Bob Mason, the company's executive vice-president, radar and advanced targeting.

Mason says interest has already been shown in the lightweight development. "We are answering requests for proposal at the moment for some customers," he says, without identifying potential future buyers.

Source: Flight International