The Middle East is a natural marketplace for cabin interior innovations given the Gulf carriers' particular focus on passenger amenities, said Rainer von Borstel, president of Diehl Aerosystems.

The German company has brought a cabin mock-up to Dubai. It combines all the latest interior developments of the Diehl Aerospace division for the first time.

Modularity is the key word for the equipment. Components such as the washroom's mirror, basin, toilet, panels, flooring, drawers and flaps have been standardised in different versions, which can be freely combined. This is particularly useful when an aircraft changes operator from, for example, a legacy carrier to a budget airline. The main advantage is, however, that engineering and production staff can respond quicker to ever shorter delivery lead times of in-production aircraft models.

Unlike conventional lavatories, which usually feature rounded surfaces, Diehl produced a much more angular design with sharper edges. This apparently gives a roomier impression even though the monument has a standard 37" (94cm) width.

Electrically operated sun shades are another new feature. They comprise two separate shades - one translucent the other opaque - which slide down between the window's inboard and intermediate acrylic glass panes. They are going to be installed on Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8Is, the first of which is due to be delivered next year.

Source: Flight Daily News