Airline-led Aeroxchange has added eight members of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation to its marketplace. EgyptAir, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Middle East Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Royal Jordanian and Syrian Air will gain access to supply-chain management, purchasing intelligence, internet procurement, system integration services and the SPEC 2000 database from the US Air Transport Association. Airline exchange AirNewco and supplier-led marketplace MyAircraft have named their merged aerospace exchange Cordiem. Launching in April/May, Cordiem has an 11-member airline advisory council including Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Britannia, Finnair, LanChile and South African Airways, which are seen as likely launch customers. The International Air Transport Association and have launched an online portal for buying, selling and leasing commercial aircraft. The service will manage transactions from the location of available aircraft through to finalising financial details. has joined the ranks of aerospace marketplaces to provide web-based auction and exchange technologies to allow buyers and sellers to acquire and reduce inventory. SITA has introduced its Aerocater e-business catering service. It's launch customer is British Airways. SITA has established partnerships with catering suppliers CAlibre and Inflair. SITA-led has formed an alliance with Xelus to use the latter's service inventory planning and forecasting tools. The alliance allows Aerospan users to plan and procure airline technical materials. China Southern Airlines has selected Computer Associates Unicenter TNG to automate the management and control of its e-business operations. has chosen, a provider of software tools for buying and selling business surplus, to power portals including its Avsupport Online spare parts site.

Source: Flight International