EADS Casa rolled out the first of the CN-235 medium-range maritime patrol aircraft it is supplying to the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) Deepwater re-equipment programme at a ceremony in Seville.


The first three aircraft, designated HC-235A by the USCG are set to be delivered to the USA for systems integration and testing later this year, followed by systems integration and testing in 2007 before their expected entry into service in 2008.

The Coast Guard could require as many as 36 aircraft over the life of the programme, but EADS Casa is yet to receive any further firm orders from Deepwater prime contractor Integrated Coast Guard Systems (ICGS).

Speaking at the roll-out ceremony yesterday, EADS Casa’s Deepwater programme director Javier Salas said: “We are expecting to receive new orders in a short time.”

ICGS president Leo Mackay confirmed that budget negotiations were taking place and predicted that the 2007 allocation could cover up to three more aircraft. “We anticipate that we will complete the contract very shortly,” he said.

Source: Flight International