Hawker Beechcraft today secured a firm commitment from Dubai-based Western Aviation for a Hawker 4000.

The deal follows news that the company has now taken 40 firm orders and a further 30 positions for its newly unwrapped Premier II. And the company has won an additional order for 10 Hawker 4000s from Indian start-up fractional and block charter operator BJETS, with options for a further five.

“The customer response has been fantastic,” says Hawker Beechcraft president Brad Hatt. “Those who have experienced a Premier know they are flying or operating a true breakthrough aircraft. The Premier’s unmistakable comfort, now combined with a phenomenal boost in performance, makes the Premier II an airplane pilots and companies can’t wait to own and operate.”

The Premier II is an evolution from the Premier IA and will feature higher cruise speeds – maximum cruise is now 465kt (862kmh), 20% longer range with four passengers, and increased payload while still claiming to offer the largest cabin. It is the most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet, Hatt says.

Front: Rala Ramamoorthy; Left right: Ted Farid, Bradd Hatt, Sean McGeough, Mark Baier

BJETS deal for 10 Hawker 4000s is valued at more than $330m. “There were several key factors that led to BJETS choosing the Hawker 4000,” says BJETS chief executive Mark Baier. “Its advanced design, first-class performance and exceptional cabin surpassed the standards we expect for our customers. HBC’s unmatched commitment to customer service and support makes it an outstanding partner as well.”

The 4000s complement BJETS’ purchase of 11 Hawker 900XPs and nine 850XPs earlier this year. The Hawker 4000 spent some ten years in development. It is able to fly four passengers 3,341nm (6,188km); has a maximum cruise speed of 482kt (893kmh) and cruises at 45,000ft (13,716m).  The 4000 makes use of advanced composite materials and has a 6ft (1.83m) stand-up cabin which features a flat floor running the entire length of the aircraft.

In ISA conditions it is capable of climbing to 37,000ft from sea level in just over 14 minutes. At its most economical cruise of Mach 0.78 (447kt, 828kmh) it will burn 1,653lb/hr (750kg/hr) of fuel.

Additionally HBC has received its first EASA-certified piston order in Poland for a Baron G58 to Artur Przygoda.

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