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    OPINION: All hands on deck as Toulouse battles A350 backlog


    ​At the halfway point of the year, three-quarters of the 50 A350s which Airbus planned to deliver in 2016 had still to be handed over.

  • A320neo - Airbus

    OPINION: Cracks appear as Airbus, Boeing workloads mount


    ​There is no other way to describe it. The second quarter of 2016 marked a modern low-point in the history of the Airbus and Boeing duopoly.

  • F-35A - Lockheed Martin

    OPINION: Could instability threaten Turkey's F-35 ambitions?


    Turkey’s first Lockheed Martin F-35A is scheduled to be delivered in 2018. So, in roughly a year to 18 months, normal protocol dictates staging a roll-out ceremony inside its assembly hall in Fort Worth, Texas, where US government dignitaries will lavish praise on one of the programme’s earliest supporters and ...

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    OPINION: Ownership change gives SR Technics fresh focus


    Abu Dhabi’s investment fund Mubadala had been trying to sell SR Technics for years. And when a deal was finally disclosed, the buyer’s identity came as no surprise either. China’s HNA Group has closed in on shareholdings in a host of airlines and aviation service businesses, including Swissport and GateGroup.

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    OPINION: F-35's Farnborough debut a welcome lift


    ​It was still possible at the Farnborough air show in 2014 to speculate whether the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme would survive the decade.

  • A380 Farnborough - BillyPix

    OPINION: Is A380 rate cut beginning of the end for superjumbo?


    ​At Farnborough, the Airbus A380 was once again a sight to behold as it manoeuvred almost silently, almost balletically through its aerial routine. More than a decade after its air show debut at Paris, the world’s largest airliner remains a whispering wonder of European engineering, as impressive as the Boeing ...

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    OPINION: TransAsia crash report's psychological warning


    ​Popular wisdom enshrined in an old maxim on cockpit crises lists the most useless things in aviation as “altitude above you”, “runway behind you”, and “a few seconds ago”.

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    OPINION: Farnborough shows how UK remains aerospace pioneer


    ​The UK may lack an independent aircraft-building industry these days, with the famed constructors of the early jet age long gone or subsumed, but its aerospace industry continues to be a major global player.

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    OPINION: How will UK aerospace fare, post-Brexit?


    ​Most of UK aerospace – along with the rest of industry – campaigned against it. But on 23 June the people spoke, and after more than four decades of membership, the nation will begin negotiations to leave the European Union. The 52% to 48% vote surprised pundits and has claimed ...

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    OPINION: India's small step towards airline reform


    ​In a world where over-regulation of the airline industry is the norm, India still managed to go the extra mile with its 5/20 rule.

  • A400M - Airbus Defence & Space

    OPINION: Can Airbus bear weight of A400M Atlas?


    ​By all rights, the Airbus Defence & Space A400M should be a soar-away success story in both the ­domestic and export markets – but at the moment the programme is looking dangerously vulnerable.

  • PW1100G A320 - Airbus

    OPINION: Pratt & Whitney right to innovate with geared turbofan


    ​In the late-1980s, Pratt & Whitney had a flash of inspiration. Reduction gears for gas turbines already existed, but the only reliable gearboxes for airliner-sized engines were the size of houses. If P&W could scale down the gearbox into a package weighing less than 150kg, they could change the industry.

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    OPINION: Why Red Arrows have put safety first for Farnborough


    ​For the first time in living memory, next month’s Farnborough air show will not be able to call on the awe-inspiring aerobatic skills of the pride of the Royal Air Force: the Red Arrows. A shining icon of the UK’s aerospace prowess, the team will be performing only a number ...

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    OPINION: Counting the cost of H225 grounding


    ​How do you calculate the cost of an accident? Beyond, that is, the simple, unquantifiable human tragedy of the event.

  • MC-21 unveil - BillyPix

    OPINION: Can MC-21 restore Russian pride?


    Some 25 years after the fall of communism, Russia’s aviation industry remains globally competitive in fixed-wing combat aircraft and military helicopters. But despite more than two decades of investment and dedication, its once-mighty airliner industry is, at best, a global afterthought, ranking far below post-Cold War upstarts in Brazil and ...

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    OPINION: Harbin closure is harsh Legacy for Embraer


    ​Late in 2002, and after much industry anticipation, Embraer confirmed an agreement with AVIC to build ERJ-145s in China – and Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry was born.

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    OPINION: Is Airbus caution right approach for 'A350-2000'?


    ​Enthusiasm for ambitious projects seems to be in short supply in the commercial aircraft industry.

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    OPINION: Business jet makers hit by values slump


    ​Business aviation is not burdened by the uncompromising rules of economics in the way its commercial cousin is. While airline bosses fret about their equipment’s operating costs and depreciation rates, a business jet – especially a privately-owned, top-end model – is an aspirational product, where brand values may matter more ...

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    OPINION: Has industry been unfair to Bombardier?


    ​It was 1994, and Airbus was already becoming more than a mere nuisance to Boeing. Tensions spiked at the Farnborough air show, when then-Boeing president Ron Woodard accused his opposite number at Airbus of lying: “I’ve watched him and his nose does grow when he talks.” Airbus repaid the Pinocchio-themed ...

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    OPINION: Is aviation close to environmental breakthrough?


    ​As a solution to our energy and pollution crises, open-rotor aircraft engines have long been akin to nuclear fusion – promising, but 30 years away. But as our special environment report in this issue reveals, breakthroughs may be imminent.