Space Shuttle Endeavour landed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 21 August, a day earlier than planned, due to fears over Hurricane Dean, after its 13-day STS-118 mission to the International Space Station.

The mission included four spacewalks to install the station's S5 truss segment, replace a control moment gyroscope and attach a bracket to the S1 truss so Shuttle Discovery's 15m (49ft)-long, 222kg (488lb) inspection boom assembly can be left there during STS-120 in October.

The mission also saw the orbiter's new Shuttle-ISS power transfer system successfully tested and 2,600kg of cargo delivered.

A similar amount of completed experiments, spare parts and waste was returned to Earth. Endeavour has only four confirmed missions left until it is retired in 2009, but it is the orbiter of choice for two additional contingency ISS supply missions.