Sir - Some while ago (Flight International, 5-11 March) John Rickard of the Air Safety Group called for the UK Civil Aviation Authority to take unilateral action on certain cabin-safety proposals emanating from the Boeing 737 crash at Manchester Airport some 12 years ago.

This action was apparently blocked by European Commission Regulation 3922/91. We seem still to be faced with the same problem.

In Closing Down, Joseph Heller's sequel to his novel Catch 22, the US Freedom of Information Act is described thus: "The Freedom of Information Act is a Federal regulation obliging government agencies to release all information they had to anyone who made application for it except information they had that they did not want to release."

If the CAA wishes to move this issue forward, should they not treat Regulation 3922/91 in a similar way?

A Frank Taylor

Northampton, UK

Source: Flight International