The US Federal Aviation Administration proposes to fine US regional operator SkyWest $160,000 for allegedly operating four regional jets on four revenue passenger flights while they were not in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

The latest fine follows $350,000 in penalties the agency levied against SkyWest in January of this year.

FAA said in the latest violation SkyWest failed to follow proper procedures for documenting cargo and baggage, which resulted in the carrier operating the four flights with incorrect weight, balance, cargo and baggage load data.

The company's subsidiary SkyWest Airlines operated the flights on 3 March from San Diego, Phoenix, Omaha and Missoula to Salt Lake City, said FAA.

"The FAA alleges the airline operated the flights without a load manifest that accurately reflected the weight of the cargo and baggage, when the total weight of the aircraft was not computed under approval procedures, and when the aircraft were not loaded according to an approved schedule," the agency stated.

FAA highlighted SkyWest has paid civil penalties in eight previous cases involving improper weight, balance and loading calculations and documentation.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news