Recently listed company CDB Financial Leasing has disclosed that its first-half operating profit soared sixfold to CNY1.29 billion ($193 million).

Revenue ballooned fivefold to CNY3.15 billion in the six months ended 30 June, driven by strong increases in both operating lease and finance lease revenues.

The diversified lessor's net profit increased from CNY87 million to CNY1.1 billion.

Limited, unaudited results were disclosed as part of an approval for the lessor to access the interbank funding market, and subsequently posted to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

CDB Leasing did not, however, provide a breakdown of the performance of each of its business operations.

In a prospectus issued prior to the initial public offering, the company revealed that its profit before tax from aircraft leasing operations in 2015 reached CNY1.12 billion, up 31% on 2014.

CDB Leasing sold its shares at a price of HK$2 prior to listing on 11 July, but closed on its debut at HK$1.86. By 14 June, it was back up towards issue price and closed at HK$1.98.

Source: Cirium Dashboard