The AVIC FTC-2000G has conducted its maiden flight from Anshun Airport in the city of Guizhou.

The test pilot reported that “systems are normal” and that the first flight “felt good,” says AVIC in a statement. The first flight took place on 28 September.

He also gave high marks to the jet’s man-machine interface.

The aircraft, based on the FTC-2000 advanced jet trainer, has a ground attack capability and is targeted at the international market.

The FTC-2000G used in the first flight took seven months to build. AVIC has said that the jet will appear at Air Show China in Zhuhai in early November. At the 2016 installment of the show, the baseline FTC-2000 made its debut appearance.

At its stand in 2016, AVIC displayed a model the FTC-2000G. It offers seven hard points compared with five for the baseline FTC-2000. Its maximum takeoff weight is also higher at 11,000kg, compared with 9,800kg for the FTC-2000.