The first regular charter flights in over 50 years have been launched between North and South Korea.

On 15 September a Tupolev Tu-154 operated by North Korea's Air Koryo landed at South Korea's Incheon International Airport near Seoul.

There have previously been charter flights between the two nations, which are still technically at war, but these were connected with specific occasions or events.

This is the first time since the partition of North and South Korea that charter flights have been permitted for general tourism. The MoCT plans to lobby for a formal aviation pact with the North.

There will be 40 charter flights between Pyongyang and Seoul until 25 December, including 21 to be operated by Air Koryo, which will only carry South Korean tourists to and from North Korea.

South and North Korea have also given permission for Korean Air (KAL) and Asiana Airlines to fly eight and 11 flights respectively on the route during the period.

Asiana was due to start its services on 19 September followed by KAL on 27 September.

Source: Flight International