Honeywell and Garrett Aviation Services have teamed to develop a reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) compliance package for Gulfstream II and IIB operators. They are also evaluating a similar package for ageing Cessna Citation and Learjet business jets.

"As RVSM airspace expands [across Europe and the Pacific], we want to provide a solution for operators," says Garrett director of avionics Mike Anderson.

The $230,000 kit is to be available next year and includes dual Honeywell AZ-960 digital air data computers, dual BA-250 altitude indicators and an AL-801 altitude alerter designed for the GII/IIB application.

The package, which will use existing pilot-static sources, will also include a fully coupled autopilot (either SP-50G or SPZ-800), and an optional upgrade to the Primus Epic display system.

Honeywell will be responsible for the development of the system to meet the RVSM compliance requirements, while Garrett will carry out the installation and will own the supplemental type certificate to cover the modification. Garrett will be responsible for obtaining RVSM certification and approvals. The partners believe the RVSM programme will give GII/IIB operators the advantages of future planning as well as positioning them for potential communications, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management requirements.

Garrett says that about 247 aircraft would be eligible for the compliance package. "Of these, we have targeted a market of around 100 aircraft, mostly in North America, but this is expected to grow in response to RVSM implementation," adds Anderson.

Source: Flight International