Globalstar will launch initial global mobile communications satellite services on 10 October, coinciding with the Geneva Telecom telecommunications show.

The launch is being made possible following the company securing a $500 million credit facility with the Bank of America.

The company, led by Loral Space and Communications and Qualcomm, has 32 satellites in orbit, with a further four scheduled for launch on 17 August. The fully operational system will comprise 48 satellites and four in-orbit spares. Globalstar has successfully conducted its first voice call tests, including testing the satellite air interface, gateways and telephone units.

One of four Alliant Techsystems solid rocket boosters on a two stage Delta II 7290 booster due to launch the four Globalstar satellites from Cape Canaveral on 15 August had to be replaced as a precaution when scratch marks were discovered on its side, delaying the launch.

Source: Flight International