US manufacturer Honeywell intends to add jobs in high-growth overseas markets over the next five years, but the company denies union claims that it plans to cut US aerospace jobs during the period as part of its strategy.

The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (Washtec) claims that Honeywell is planning to move 5,000 aerospace jobs abroad over the next five years, on the basis of leaked internal strategy documents obtained by the union. Honeywell says: "We have every reason to believe the documents are genuine," but adds: "We expect employment to remain flat in US and other Western markets."

The company declines to comment on which areas of the business could see additional jobs move abroad, or on their possible locations, but confirms that the Czech Republic, one of the areas Washtec claims is mentioned in the leaked documents, has been identified by Honeywell as a high-growth region "in which we believe we can grow our business".

Source: Flight International