Desso is announcing a new 400g/m2 woollen carpet at the show that is 25% lighter than available standard carpets. The Dutch manufacturer has created the performance-enhancing design in response to a pressing industry need for fuel savings.

Stefan von Oostrum, Desso’s sales manager aviation and marine, says: “This new innovation has proven to be popular

and we are close to finalising deals with three major European airlines. We’re hoping to attract Asian customers, which is why we have decided to launch at the show. We have been in the carpet industry for many years, but high fuel prices were the drivers behind this development.” Intensive internal and on board trials have proved the high quality characteristics of this new carpet.


The company has also developed a three-frame carpet that provides a 15% weight saving compared with a standard two-frame carpet. This results in a huge advantage for airlines since every existing carpet design is interchangeable with Desso's new low-weight carpets, meaning there is no necessity for expensive restyling or refurbishing programmes to change the carpets.

Von Oostrum says the weight savings come from the carpet’s structure rather than its components, but he remains tight-lipped as to the process, which he says is a trade secret. Thanks to its innovative developments, the company has been selected as a supplier on the Boeing 787.

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Source: Flight Daily News