Cobham Satcom has installed and begun testing the first of its Aviator satellite communication systems on Hawaiian Airlines' Boeing 767-300s, paving the way towards securing approval for its use as a safety service.

This is an "important step", says Cobham, in the development of its Aviator S terminal and antenna product family because the system enables ACARS data messages to be sent via Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband service.

"Using SwiftBroadband IP connectivity for all domains of the aircraft is new to the aviation industry and will provide safer and more efficient flights due to better overall situational awareness and transfer of operational data to and from the aircraft," says Kim Gram, vice-president of Cobham Satcom's aeronautical business unit.

Cobham Satcom has also started deliveries of 150 of its Aviator 1200SP SwiftBroadband connectivity systems to AirAsia for that low-cost carrier's fleet of Airbus A320s.

Source: Flight Daily News