A Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 777-200 aircraft had to make an emergency landing on 5 September, after its pilots discovered issues in its right engine.

The aircraft, registration JA007D, was on the Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda route when the incident happened. Flightglobal Pro data shows that the aircraft is fitted with Pratt & Whitney PW4074 engines, and has been in service since 1998.

The flight crew on board JAL304 discovered issues with the aircraft's right engine shortly after take off at 08:27 local time, and decided to shut down the right engine and perform an emergency landing back at Fukuoka, says a JAL spokesman.

Upon landing, engine oil and hydraulic oil were found leaking from the right engine.

"A very small metal chip has also been found in the exhaust vent of this right engine," adds the spokesman.

The aircraft is now parked at Fukuoka with an engine change scheduled for the weekend.

None of the 238 passengers and 12 crew on board were injured.

The incident, which JAL is investigating, has also been reported to the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news