Kazan Helicopters, manufacturer of the Mi-8/17-family, is planning to clinch Russian AP-29 certification for its Ansat 10-seat twin-engined utility helicopter, in the third quarter of next year.

The 470kW (630hp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207K-powered machine, is the first to be designed by the company and the only Russian-built helicopter to use a re-programmable digital fly-by-wire system - developed by MNPK Avionika.

Two Ansat prototypes and one demonstrator have been built since the programme launch in 1993. The latter being used solely for ground and hover testing.

Certification testing is due to begin this month on the second prototype, says Kazan, while a third production prototype, now being built, will undergo around 400 flights, it adds. The Ansat is designed for roles including transport, search and rescue and firefighting missions.

Source: Flight International