LUFTHANSA PILOTS are unhappy with the technical state of some of the aircraft they fly, according to an internal report leaked to the German press.

The pilots complain that technical problems on aircraft are left unresolved because of "lack of parts, time pressure and lack of personnel". Although none of the problems is critical, pilots say that safety standards are undermined by failure to solve them promptly.

Support of the airline's 737 fleet outside Frankfurt comes under particularly heavy fire, being criticised as "completely inadequate", as does lack of care in loading freight. Lufthansa says that it is surprised to hear the criticisms of the 737 fleet, which it says is statistically one of the most reliable in the airline.

While conceding that its pilots have voiced concerns, Lufthansa stresses that their statements are derived from a confidential internal opinion poll designed to identify the need for improvements in company practice.

The German flag carrier insists that its safety and reliability still meet the highest standards.

Source: Flight International