Flight International online news 11:30GMT: Malaysia is to seek an ‘open-skies’ air services agreement with Australia to give national carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS) unlimited rights to serve the country.

Malaysia Airlines - BIG

Malaysian transport minister Chan Kong Choy is quoted by the state-run Bernama news agency as saying he plans to raise the request for open-skies talks during his next meeting with his Australian counterpart, Warren Truss.

Chan met with Truss earlier this month to discuss MAS’ request for additional rights to enable it to boost services to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. He did not say when he expects to next meet with Truss.

MAS currently has rights to carry up to 15,000 passengers per week to the four main Australian cities, Chan says, adding that the carrier currently carries up to 13,000 passengers weekly.

“Time has come for us to review this seat allocation as the seat factors to these four cities in Australia are always very high,” he says. “We need to increase it.”

MAS also serves Adelaide in South Australia.



Source: Flight International