BUILDING ON DC-10 avionics-upgrade work with United, MDC is offering a two-crew cockpit emulating that of the MD-11.

"We'll know within 60 days whether we will do that," says Foreman. The core of what MDC calls the advanced common cockpit is a Honeywell-developed versatile integrated avionics (VIA 2000) system developed from the aircraft information-management (AIMS) system produced for the Boeing 777. It would be equipped with six flat-panel multi-function displays based around earlier development work for the potential Saudia MD-90 and MD-11 order, and use common display-system (CDS) technology being developed for the new Boeing 737.

The new flightdeck would also include the electronic-resource system, global-positioning system and satellite- communications suite now being tested by United.

Source: Flight International