The public got its first view of the Epic Dynasty turboprop single at the AOPA Expo. Powered by a 895kW (1,200shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-67A, the $1.9 million Dynasty is the certificated version of the Epic LT kitplane, with Canadian and US approval expected by late 2008. Intended to compete with very light jets, the Dynasty can carry full fuel, 55kg (120lb) of baggage and, unlike some VLJs, Epic claims, can still fill all six seats.

"The Dynasty delivers jet performance at a fraction of the cost of a twin turboprop or fanjet VLJ," says Epic chief executive Rick Schrameck. More than 1,100h have been logged toward certification. The Dynasty cruises at 340kt (630km/h), has a ceiling of 28,000ft (8,530m) and range of 2,890km (1,560nm).

Epic Dynasty

Source: Flight International