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Flightglobal on tour: Air Shows of 2009

2009 saw the Flightglobal team cover six international air shows on three continents.

The big show of the year of course was Paris, and it was no less than the show's 100th anniversary. The champagne was limited given the gloomy economy, but orders still flowed. AirAsia X ordered A350 XWBs and Qatar's CEO Akbar Al-Baker had a stern warning for Boeing about 787 delays.

Moving away from the commercial side, Oshkosh,"the world's greatest aviation celebration"--saw highlights including: a demonstration of Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo mothership "Eve", the first display of the Airbus A380 in North America, and the "Elvis" '1481460921&bctid=31005415001">'Erickson Skycrane.

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