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  • ​PARIS: Safran, Hanhwa power up engine for new helicopter

​PARIS: Safran, Hanhwa power up engine for new helicopter

Safran and Hanhwa Techwin have conducted the first ground run of the Arriel 2L2 turboshaft engine that will power the developmental Korea Aerospace Industries' (KAI) Light Armed Helicopter (LAH).

The engine will be produced at Hanhwa Techwin's Changwon factory, Safran says. The South Korean company will also be responsible for MRO related to the engine.

In June 2016 Safran said the 2L2 would power the LAH while the Arriel 2C2 would power the LCH.

Both helicopters will be based on the Airbus Helicopters H155. Under the terms of a contract signed in June 2015, the European company will transfer the H155 assembly line to South Korea, where KAI will assume production of the type.

Safran says: "Developed from the Arriel 2N, the 2L2 is the most powerful Arriel variant with a take-off power rating of 1024shp.

"The Arriel 2L2 will deliver better reliability, power and performance during demanding missions. Certification is planned for late 2020 and entry into service for 2022."

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