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Turkish 737-800 suffers gear collapse at Odessa

One of Turkish Airlines' Boeing 737-800s has suffered a nose-gear failure during landing at Odessa airport in Ukraine.

The aircraft (TC-JGZ) had been operating the TK467 service from Istanbul when, according to the airport authority, it experienced a collapse on touchdown.

It had been approaching the airport in "heavy crosswinds", the authority adds.

The aircraft had already conducted one approach to runway 16 before executing a go-around, and subsequently landed at 20:55. It appears to have come to rest partly on rough ground.

All 136 passengers were evacuated and NOTAM information states that the runway has been closed.

The airport operator says flights will be suspended until at least 01:00 on 22 November.

Meteorological data from the airport indicates that weather conditions indicates crosswinds from the left gusting to around 33kt.

Investigators are probing the accident, the airport operator states.

Cirium fleets data shows the aircraft was delivered new to Turkish Airlines in 2008.

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