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United and Continental Micronesia to merge in April

United Airlines and its Continental Micronesia subsidiary will merge on 1 April, completing a process that began in 2010.

Guam-based Continental Micronesia, while branded "United" to passengers, has operated as an independent subsidiary of the United-Continental Airlines merger in 2010. The Continental and Continental Micronesia brands disappeared in 2012.

“While we have been operating as a family for years, with this merger we're excited to make this change official," says Greg Hart, chief operating officer of United, in a letter to employees.

The combination is understood to be primarily on paper, as Continental Micronesia has operated as United since the 2012 integration. However, it does allow for the integration of Continental Micronesia's employees into its parent.

Flight attendants at the subsidiary can begin negotiations to join the joint collective bargaining agreement that former United and former Continental cabin crew ratified in August 2016, says Hart.

United’s flight attendants at Continental Micronesia last ratified a two-year contract extension in 2012. That accord became amendable in December 2014.

Continental Micronesia has 1,100 employees, United says.

The subsidiary operates four Boeing 737-700s and seven 737-800s, the United Airlines fleet website shows.

United was not immediately available to confirm the fleet size.

Continental Micronesia dates to Air Micronesia, which began service in 1968.

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