British Airways' all-business OpenSkies operation is to reconfigure the Boeing 757-200s of carrier L'Avion with 82 seats, but intends to phase out the French brand towards the end of next month.

OpenSkies acquired L'Avion - which has two 90-seat 757s - last year, and has retained the two brands since.

But speaking to ATI, OpenSkies managing director Dale Moss said the carrier has "decided on the OpenSkies brand" because it "has more appeal across Europe".

All four aircraft will carry the OpenSkies livery. The changes will take place by the end of April, at which time the air operator's certificate will be transferred from the UK to France.

The L'Avion 757s, currently in a single-class layout, will be fitted with 12 bed-seats and 70 business seats.

This differs from the 64-seat OpenSkies configuration because the L'Avion jets have internal monuments and galleys in other positions, says Moss: "There's a bit more space on those two aircraft."

While the L'Avion brand will disappear, its contribution will be recognised in the OpenSkies interior design which will partly incorporate L'Avion's distinctive purple colours.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news