Sandel Avionics has announced that its SN3500 primary navigation display (PND) will now be compatible with both 14 and 28-volt electrical systems, simplifying the installation process in many aircraft.

Previously, installation of the SN3500 in aircraft with 14-volt electrical systems required the use of an external voltage converter.

“Many of these aircraft have 14-volt systems and this change means that owners don’t have to worry about the cost and weight of external voltage converters,” says Jerry Henry, Sandel’s director of sales.

Shipments of the SN3500 with 14/28-volt compatibility will begin next month [August] and pricing is unchanged. For a complete solid-state compass system, the SN3500 can be combined with Sandel’s SG102 AHRS.

The SN3500 PND is a three ATI-sized electronic display and features digital and analog inputs. TSO-certified, it is designed to interface with both old and new avionics and supports the display of GPS vertical guidance from WAAS-certified receivers, such as the Garmin GNS 400W/500W series.

The company also announced a software upgrade for its SN3308 EHSI that enables the display of GPS vertical guidance from Garmin GNS 400W/500W series receivers through the existing digital interface. This will allow current owners of the SN3308 to take advantage of the upgraded capabilities without the cost of additional wiring.

The optional software upgrade will be available in the third quarter of 2008 and is priced at $1,250. “Now our customers can display GPS vertical guidance on their SN3308 without the time and cost of changing their aircraft wiring and adding a remote annunciator,” says Henry.


Source: Flight International