Stratos Aircraft is setting out to break the performance barrier for single-engine jets with the 714 VLJ, billed by Stratos as the “ultimate personal jet”. Stratos plans to fill a void in the light jet market by transporting four people and their baggage 1,500 nautical miles at a speed of 400 knots.

“Two years of engineering went into the design, and we are confident this is doable and will meet the specs,” says Dr. Gordon Robinson, chief aerodynamicist.

The $2 million carbon-fiber aircraft, powered by a FADEC-equipped Williams International FJ44-3AP, is expected to deliver 2,778km (1,500nm) range at maximum payload at 400kt (741 km/h) cruise speed.


“There is no aircraft quite like the 714 VLJ -- with this level of performance in a single engine,” Robinson adds. “It has the high speed, but is practical and much more economical than the dual engine equivalent.”

According to Stratos, the 714’s speed and range versus price offering is untouched in the single and twin-engine very light jet sector -- taking on Cirrus, Piper, Eclipse and Diamond. The closest competitor in the single-engine category is the $2.2 million PiperJet, with a high speed cruise of 360kt.

Founded by entrepreneur Michael Lamaire and aerospace engineer Carsten Sundin, the company is targeting owners of high-performance piston aircraft looking for a 50% increase in speed, or turbine aircraft owners eager to save money on fuel while maintaining performance.

Current design parameters include a 3,175kg (7,000lb) maximum gross weight airframe, laminar flow wing with blended winglets and a cruciform tail. The 13.5kN (3030lb) engine is to be located aft and below the wing with symmetric inlets located ahead of the wings.

Stratos expects to be taking orders by NBAA in Orlando this year.


Source: Flight International