Germany’s MTU and Pratt & Whitney are partnering to develop a high-pressure compressor for the next generation of narrowbody jet engines.

“Development of a whole new generation of single-aisle, medium-range aircraft will depend to a large degree on the availability of extremely efficient new engines,” says P&W senior vice-president of engineering Paul Adams. “This programme will help validate the technologies we and MTU believe are required. It also supports our effort to develop a mid-thrust geared turbofan engine.”

A key element of the programme is the development of integrally bladed rotors (IBR), in which compressor blades are part of the disk rather than being attached.

Ground-rig testing of the new compressor is set for later this year at MTU in Munich. “The eight-stage, 17-to-1 pressure ratio module provides optimum system efficiency,” note the manufacturers.

“IBR technology, coupled with a new rotor design, materials and aerodynamic concepts, will make for a lightweight and efficient compressor. This will be a great advantage on conventional turbofans or on the advanced-geared turbofans P&W is developing,” says Adams.

Source: Flight International