Lufthansa has placed an order with Cessna for four Citation CJ1+ aircraft for its own pilot training programme.

The airline’s fleet training concept will be launched at the Lufthansa Pilot School in Bremen in January 2008. Capt Jürgen Raps, executive vice-president operations, Lufthansa, says that the programme will be more closely tailored to the specific flight operation needs of a large scheduled airline with a global network.

"Our trainee pilots will thus have access to optimal training facilities that will enable them to make a seamless transition to an Airbus or Boeing cockpit."


 Cessna Citation CJ1+ aircraft will be used for Lufthansa’s pilot training programme

The aircraft are scheduled for delivery between October 2008 and mid-2009. The twin-engine Cessna Citation CJ1+ has a top speed of 720km/hr (389kts) and a range of 2,402km (1,297nm).

Lufthansa is recruiting up to 360 trainee pilots