PwC nets Brenneman

Continental Airlines former president Greg Brenneman has removed himself as a contender for the top spot at United Airlines parent UAL by becoming chief executive of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.

The firm, which soon after announced it would rename itself Monday, plans an initial public offering or flotation as it moves to split from its accounting powerhouse parent of the same name. The Monday name becomes official once Bermuda-based PwC Consulting becomes independent.

The 40-year-old Brenneman, who now heads TurnWorks, his own private equity firm, joined Continental at the age of 33 and was named both chief operating officer and president within two years, working closely with Continental chairman Gordon Bethune in their turnaround of the airline.

In May 2001, Kansas native Brenneman surprised the aviation industry by stepping down and returning to Texas to run TurnWorks, which he founded in 1994.

Earlier this year, he became a key mover of the aborted plan to merge Hawaiian Air and Aloha Airlines, which fell apart in March.

David Field Washington

Source: Airline Business