The UK Royal Air Force has lifted a temporary restriction on operations involving its Airbus A330 Voyager tanker/transports, with the type having resumed flight activities on the afternoon of 21 February.

“The temporary suspension of Voyager flights between 9 February and 21 February followed a decision by the RAF,” says the AirTanker consortium responsible for providing the modified type. “The reinstatement of flights on 21 February was again an operational decision.”

RAF flights with the six Voyagers so far introduced by its 10 and 101 squadrons were halted after several passengers were injured when one of the fleet was involved in an in-flight incident over Turkey. This involved what AirTanker described as “an unscheduled change of flight level” while the aircraft was en route to Afghanistan.

“While an investigation remains ongoing, we are unable to comment as to the cause of the incident,” says AirTanker. “We continue to give this investigation our full support and cooperation.”

Source: Flight International