Washington's Reagan National Airport reopened on 4 October with a limited service, having been closed since 11 September due to security concerns over the runway's proximity to the heart of the city.

Under the reopening, flights to eight hub airports operated by six carriers will be allowed - about 25% of the 792 commercial flights flown daily before 11 September. Aircraft size is limited to 156 or fewer seats. A second phase will be added in 30 to 45 days allowing more flights and more routes.

The security requirement at connecting airports is unusual: flights to and from National will be flown only from specially secured gates and these gates will be subject to greater security checks; they will be flown by dedicated crew only, subject to pre-flight screening.

National airport passengers will be subject to a second screening at the boarding gate to make certain identification matches boarding passes. Passenger hand luggage is severely restricted. Major flight path changes are also being made.

Source: Flight International