Yugoslavia's JAT resumed some international flights from Belgrade on 25 June. All flights had been suspended since 24 March, when NATO bombing of the country started. By 9 July, JAT expects to be flying to Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and China, the airline says. Most of Europe may remain closed to JAT under the continuing economic sanctions. The US Department of Transportation has tentatively awarded 17 more weekly round-trip flights to the three carriers designated to serve the US-China market. FedEx and Northwest Airlines each get four flights immediately and two more next April, while United Airlines will get five weekly frequencies next April. The allocations will enable FedEx to double its cargo service to China immediately, and allow Northwest to expand passenger services from Detroit to Beijing and Shanghai and offer new passenger services from Honolulu and cargo services from Anchorage. United plans to offer a non-stop service to Shanghai from San Francisco. The new flights are a result of a US-China air services agreement signed in April. Under the agreement, the USA can award 10 additional frequencies, as well as a new carrier designation, effective from 1 April, 2001. Qantas is to boost services between Australia and Europe from October, when the carrier takes two more Boeing 747-400s. Three additional flights will be operated from Sydney via Melbourne and Singapore to London. Spanair has begun a four-times-weekly service to Lisbon from Washington Dulles. Reno Air will be integrated into American Airlines on 31 August, adding more than 150 daily non-stop flights to the carrier's US West Coast operation. American acquired Reno for $124 million late last year. From 13 July, Shuttle America will operate to New York's under-used Islip/MacArthur Airport and Norfolk, Virginia. The airline is to begin services in September to Boston via Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Source: Flight International