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    Russia developing unmanned Forpost-M


    Russia is to develop a new unmanned air vehicle based on the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Searcher 2 that was built under licence by a local company.

  • Lun-class ekranoplan

    MAKS: Can Russia’s ‘Caspian Sea Monster’ rise again?


    The Soviet Union’s once-secretive “Caspian Sea Monster” has resurfaced at the MAKS air show, minus the stacks of short-range nuclear missiles meant to obliterate Western defences in a sea-skimming sneak attack.

  • OSCE Camcopter - Schiebel

    Russia establishes military UAV unit


    ​Russia has reportedly established a dedicated unmanned air vehicle unit in the Eastern region of Chukotka, believed to stem from a $9.2 billion investment in the technology that was pledged by the defence ministry in May.