Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee has re-ignited a rift with federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia, with an extraordinary attack on its certification capabilities.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) had been relieved of certification authority two years ago after a highly-public clash with Rosaviatsia over the investigation into a Boeing 737 crash in Kazan.

Rosaviatsia took over the certification functions. But MAK has accused it of "incompetence" in this field, claiming Rosaviatsia has granted incorrect approvals to the state civil aviation research institute GosNII.

MAK says an entity, other than the type certificate holder, intending to modify a certified design in the aviation sector must obtain additional clearances.

It adds that "numerous queries" have been raised over the application and interpretation of regulations previously developed by MAK's former certification division. The situation with GosNII has demonstrated "ignorance or misunderstanding" regarding the provision of Russia's aviation certification rules.

Rosaviatsia has yet to respond publicly to the accusation. Friction between the two sides had increased recently after a proposal emerged to create a new air accident investigation authority for a group of former Soviet states including Russia.

Source: Cirium Dashboard