Russian emergency authorities have disclosed that 226 occupants were evacuated from the Ural Airlines Airbus A321 which came down in a field after take-off from Moscow Zhukovsky.

Ten sought medical assistance following the evacuation of the aircraft which, according to the carrier, was struck by a flock of birds after departure.

Emergency services were alerted to the "hard landing" of the aircraft in the region of Rybaki, south-east of Zhukovsky airport, at 06:20 on 15 August, says the emergency situations ministry.

It says 226 people, including six children, were on board and that all occupants were evacuated.

Fire and rescue units started arriving at the site at 06:40.

There was no fuel spill, says the ministry, and while there was "smoke" from the starboard engine, there was no "open fire".

The cabin was checked for any remaining passengers or crew, while foam-generation firefighting equipment was used to cool the engine.

Buses were dispatched to the accident site to transport the aircraft's occupants back to Zhukovsky.