Preliminary investigation into the fatal Antonov An-24 runway excursion in southern Russia suggests the Angara Airlines aircraft suffered engine failure before landing.

The crew informed air traffic control that the left-hand Progress AI-24 engine had failed during the descent towards Nizhneangarsk, when the aircraft was some 16nm (30km) from its destination.

They transmitted a distress signal and airport rescue services were put on standby, says federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia.

After the An-24 touched down it veered off the right-hand side of the runway, colliding with infrastructure and catching fire.

Two crew members did not survive the accident. Fourteen of the 43 passengers sought medical assistance, says Rosaviatsia.

Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee has opened a probe into the 27 June accident, in which Rosaviatsia will participate.

Source: Cirium Dashboard