Sir - I was angered by the addition of something which I would not have written in my letter headed "UK CAA and single-engined flights" (Flight International, 23-29 July, P40).

I did not, and would never have, written that Mr Crowe "-asked to operate under Joint Aviation Requirements (JARs) supervision" as no such approval for single-engined public-transport operations exists. Furthermore, I would not have described Mr Crowe as an aircraft "operator".

You also deleted an important section from my letter, namely that the UK's non-approval of public-transport operation of such aircraft is backed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation's Annex 6 standards relevant for international air transport.


Head Flight Operations Department

Safety Regulation Group

UK Civil Aviation Authority

Gatwick Airport, Sussex, UK

[The inadvertent omission of brackets around an explanatory note inserted by our sub-editors created this unfortunate error. We apologise for any confusion caused. Ed.]


Source: Flight International